Creating a Crafty Country Garden

Nothing makes a house more homey than a crafty country garden. Creating your own crafty country garden requires a bit of elbow grease but the results are definitely worth it. Here are some tips on how to create a sanctuary the country style:

Plan a Landscape Design

If you can hire someone to draw you a landscape design, then that would be a good idea. If not, simply draw a rough sketch of an ideal design that’ll suit your garden space. The Internet is a very useful tool when it comes to garden planning; there are websites that offer free services that can help you virtually design a garden. Plus, there are many interesting articles online about gardening ideas and the basics of plant care. Having a plan beforehand is always a wise move. This technique can help you narrow down your ideas and stick to a budget.

Look Around

For more ideas on country-style gardens, look around your neighborhood and see if you can borrow a concept. Improvise and create your own interpretation to add a personal touch. Browse through garden magazines and see which plants would look best in your soon-to-be personal sanctuary. Drop by garden shows and country fairs to get ideas on how to add a rustic yet cozy touch to your gardening project.

Be Creative

When it comes to gardening projects such as this, it’s important to let your creative juices flow. Country-style inspired garden accessories include old benches, charming pots, and window boxes brimming with colorful flowers and foliage. To recycle an old pot, simply paint it with colors based on your design’s overall theme. Handmade paper lamps can also create a rustic yet homey ambiance.

Choose your Plants

Choose plants that’ll help bring out your garden’s true beauty. Don’t just randomly choose any plant and stuff it in a soil-filled pot. Keep in mind that a beautiful natural garden should have enough color, texture, and height. You should also choose plants that’ll suit your gardening habits. If you’re a busy entrepreneur, go for plants that require minimum maintenance. Remember, the essence of any garden lies in its beautiful and well-kept foliage.


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