Tips on Making the Perfect Compost

Considered as a cornerstone of organic gardening, using compost heaps is an efficient way of soil preparation. This gardening technique makes your soil healthier without using any harmful chemicals. If you’re not sure on what to include in your compost heap, here are some organic ingredients that can plump up your soil:

Grass mowings

When using grass mowings as part of a compost heap, mix them well with browns so as to avoid a slimy heap. These organic materials can be left on the lawn since they will soon disappear and blend into the grass. Grass mowings can also be used in soil mulching.

Hedge Prunings and Clippings

Before using them as compost, make sure that they are chopped or shredded. To quicken the compost process, mix prunings and clippings with materials that are quick to rot such as grass. Water the compost well then thread down the heap before covering it. After a few months or years, your compost heap is ready for mulching.

Paper Products

Paper products such as pieces of newspaper, paper towels, or cardboards can also be used as part of a compost heap. Paper products filled with kitchen scraps are the perfect option when it comes to compost materials. Before using them, make sure to scrunch them well.

Well-rotted Manure

Strawy, well-rotted animal manures are perfect ingredients for an organic compost heap. These organic wastes can be mixed with wood shavings; manure combined with wood shavings should be left to rot until the shavings have completely decomposed. Add water if manure is dry.

As much as possible, avoid using plant materials with soil-born diseases like white rot and clubroot. If you’re not sure on whether to include a diseased plant material or not, leave them and opt for healthier plant ingredients.

A bin can make your compost more manageable. You can just build a heap in your backyard and cover it but a compost bin looks neater. An ideal bin for a compost heap should be accessible, is properly covered, and has no gaps or spaces on the side. Cardboard or straw can be used as insulation for a compost heap.

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