Shedding Light through Garden Designs

Every part of a garden is a beautiful secret waiting to be unearthed. Even those shady areas barely touched by the sun’s rays, they’re definitely full of potential. This is especially true if you own a natural woodland-like garden — quite spacious and full of nooks and crannies. To shed some light on these darker corners, you can always opt for a more vibrant garden design.

It’s all in the Plants

The essence of any garden lies in its foliage. Whether you have a small back garden or a spacious woodland area, the type of plants and flowers you use will always dictate the mood in your garden. To start off, try to plant some shuttlecock ferns. These ferns help create a delicate and romantic look with its masses of soft fronds. Alongside these ferns, plant bolder-looking leaves such as those of the Siberian bugloss and mix in some charming blue forget-me-not flowers.

Another idea is to plant in some Mikoikoi or Tukauki flowers. These are known for their white flowers that seem to shine and iris-like leaves. For more color, cover the garden floor with hardy geranium. Known for its purple flowers and shiny green foliage, hardy geranium makes a garden look like a living paradise.

To add some height, mix in some heavenly bamboos. These plants are known for their slender stalks and white flowers. Heavenly bamboos look good when planted alongside silver spear leaves. Tree ferns are more expensive but they’re worth every cent. These majestic tree ferns help create a natural and soothing mood. Ideally, tree ferns should be randomly planted throughout the garden. Create angles when planting tree ferns and let them flourish beneath canopy trees just like in the wild. For a smaller garden, a couple of tree ferns should be enough to create some height.

To make sure that your chosen plants will thrive in your customized sanctuary, soil preparation is a must. Whether it’s tilling or mulching, your soil should be able to provide plants with the essential nutrients and foundation. Mulches can be combinations of any of these materials — well-rotted manure, gravel, grit, grass clippings, chopped wheat straw, and other organic ingredients.

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