Beautiful Early-blooming Bulbs

Bulbs often serve as a sign of good news — spring is coming. To make a garden look bright and warm especially during bleak late winter mornings, plant early-blooming bulbs and let them cover your garden floor like a carpet. Many early-blooming bulbs are known for their miniature size. This is why it’s more advisable to actually plant a hundred or more bulbs. Don’t be intimidated by the number; each of this type of bulb can be planted in seconds. All you need is a bit of patience, lots of good soil, and creativity.

Planting Early-blooming Bulbs

Early-blooming bulbs can be planted by simply making a slice in the soil by using a trowel. After wiggling a hole that has a depth of about 4 inches, hold the soil back with a trowel and drop in a bulb. Pat back into the hole any scattered soil and water the newly planted bulb to help settle the soil.

Various Bulbs worth Considering

There are many types of early spring bulbs to choose from. Here are just some of the various flowers that are worth covering your garden floor with:


This species is known for its fragrance and its extravagant features. If other spring bulbs whisper the coming of spring, hyacinth bulbs practically shout out spring through its vibrant colors and captivating scent.

Snow Glories

Also known as ‘Glory of the Snow,” these beautiful flowers will cover the garden floor with a muted blue tinge. Each bulb actually produces numerous sky-blue and star-shaped flowers. These gorgeous plants look best when planted alongside taller spring-flowering bulbs such as daffodils or perennials.

Blue Siberian Squills

Considered as one of the earliest bloomers in spring, blue Siberian squills or Scilla are known for their deep-blue clusters and pleasant fragrance. These deep-blue flowers can help bring out the best of your garden by planting them alongside azaleas, forsythia, magnolias, and rhododendrons.

Whatever type of early spring bulb you choose, make sure that it’ll help bring out the beauty of your garden. When planting small early-blooming spring bulbs, remember that the more bulbs you plant, the more colorful your garden will become.

National Gardening Association

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