Creating a Country Garden

Planning a gardening project takes time, effort, and money but the result can be a spectacular get-away — a cozy home away from home. Whether it’s a big or small gardening project, here are some tips to consider when creating a country garden:

Keep it Well-trimmed

A well-trimmed garden doesn’t only refer to shrubs or plants that are regularly pruned. This may also refer to a country garden with just the right touch of trees or other towering plants. Big trees go well with big gardens but make sure that those that are hazardous to the house are professionally cut and removed. But don’t just cut off any big tree. As a matter of fact, a beautiful large tree can be a focal point or a feature of any country garden. For smaller gardens, trees shouldn’t make the space smaller and they should help bring out the beauty of your personal sanctuary.

Enhancing Features

Creating a country garden should feel like creating a work of art with several stunning features. A feature that’ll make your garden stand out and very useful at the same time is a vegetable patch. If you’re a health nut, a vegetable garden is perfect for you — you’ll have your own source of organic fruits and vegetables. Turn any boring recipe into an irresistible dish by adding basil leaves or tomato slices fresh from the garden

Another feature that’s worth putting in your country garden is a garden pond. Unlike a swimming pool, this is easier to install and maintain. Plus, it adds a “natural” touch to any country garden. A clear pond can also serve as a habitat for colorful fishes and aquatic plants.

To further jazz up your garden without going over the top, consider putting up a sitting area. For big gardens, gazebos are interesting conversational pieces. As for smaller gardens, decorative stools made of organic yet sturdy materials provide a charming touch.

Stone steps or little paths work best in a spacious garden. These features help create a focal point and makes your garden a treasure trove of secret hideaways.

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